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RadeonHD: Support for RV620/635 added!

Hurray!!! RV620/635 support is finally out!

A lot of people have been asking why there were so few commits
lately. People have been wondering if we were working on something

Indeed we were:
Mode setting-wise RV620/635 ment the biggest change in subsystems
since R5xx: All outputs blocks have changed to allow for support
of Displayport.
The Displayport support is still missing as we are both lacking
hardware and programming information.

The digital outputs have been split up into an encoder and a
transmitter block which is now reflected in our programming model.
Furthermore the pixel clock PLL had been reworked completely.

We got hardware for testing as early as December 2007 however most
of the relevant documentation needed to code this has only been
received over the past four weeks.

Along with this support for dual link DVI has been added which is
still completely untested (due to lack of hardware).

So, even if you don't use any RV620/RV635 hardware,  please get it
and give it a try! We are awaiting your feedback...
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