Egbert Eich (egbert_e) wrote,
Egbert Eich

RadeonHD 1.2 is out!

It's been a while since the last release of the RadeonHD driver.

Since then this driver has made a lot of progress:
  • Support for RV620/RV635 was added. This latest generation of ATI hardware has completely revised digital blocks to  provide support for DisplayPort - a new VESA interface standard for digital displays . DisplayPort itself isn't supported yet due to the lack of hardware.
  • 2D acceleration for R5xx and RS6xx have been added.
  • The driver can now light up the second digital output on RS690. ATI had introduced a new digital block which so far has only shown up on RS6xx hardware. We discovered the existence of this block was only recently.
  •  Support for interlaced modes was added. This is currently still disabled for digital outputs (mainly due to lack of testing) but once available it should allow to support more modes on HDTVs.
  •  Some feature I have already almost have forgotten about  since it's been so long ago: We initialize secondary graphics cards using AtomBIOS.
  • A huge number of bugs got fixed.
All this adds up to 9klocs of C.

A lot of distros have picked up the last release of this driver.
To give their users the benefit of these new features we today have released version 1.2.0 of the RadeonHD driver.

There are other things just right around the corner:
  • RS780 support is almost ready, we are just waiting for a missing piece of information form ATI.
  • Krisztian Loki provided a patch for backlight control on panels.
  • TVout support: A lot of pieces required for this have been added already. I just need to get around to finish  it.
  •  Work on DRI support is in progress.
  • Once DRI support is available Xv and enhanced EXA support is not far.
Tags: amd, ati, novell, radeonhd

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