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XDC2012 - Nuernberg (Germany) September 19 thru 21.

Hah, it's out - now it is official!
libv has been talking about it for ages already, but yesterday I now made the official announcement: XDC2012 - read the X.Org developers conference 2012 - will take place in Nuernberg (Germany) from September 19 through 21 and will be hosted at the company headquarters of SUSE at Maxfeldstrasse 5.
Please also check out the official announcement.
XDC takes place once a year, traditionally altering between locations in North America and Europe. It's a technical conference where people involved in technologies around the graphics stack on Open Source operating systems (like Mesa3D, Wayland, DRM, the X Window System ...) meet and discuss future plans and directions.
As a note on the side: When there were still two events each year, to distinguish both events the one taking place in North America was named XDC while the one held in Europe was called XDS. Those names stuck even when X.Org switched to one event per year. Now we decided to drop this distinction and named the European event XDC. 
The X.Org Foundation Board decided for Nuernberg last December already, it took a while until we found a date where both a suitable venue and accommodations are available (Nuernberg hosts quite a few major trade fairs, and right after the vacation season it's quite busy there).
SUSE is sponsoring the conference by providing its main meeting room including infrastructure to us free of charge. This venue is  just a few minutes away from the city center, hotels are in walking distance - the preferred conference hotel which will give us a special rate (which is still under negotiation) is just 5 minutes away from the venue.
Nuernberg is one of a few towns whose medieval city walls have not been destroyed in the 19th century and thus are still almost fully in place. Its castle and its historic inner city is just a few minutes away from the venue and definitely worth a visit. The city center offers many opportunities for after conference activities: you will also find quite many places (restaurants, pubs, bars) to gather and have conversations with others. Thus everything should be in place for a great conference.
This year marks a special occasion as on September 15th we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of version 11 of the X Window System. (if you are wondering now how long X has been around if version 11 has now existed for 25 years now - the first 10 versions were released between May 1984 and December 1986 -  you may want to check out the excellent history on Wikipedia.
To celebrate this we will organize a beer hiking trip thru the scenic "Fränkische Schweiz" the Franconian countryside on the day after the conference where we will stop at several local brewery beer gardens. People will have the opportunity to sample a wide selection of good Franconian beers there.
Thus if you'd like to come, or even have something to present, please register! You will find details on the announcement page.
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